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  • september-blog

    First steps in building your fabric structure

    I have been a sales manager in this industry for the past 3 years I have received a plethora of various inquiries. Along with these inquiries there is a ton of information that needs to be precisely gathered to accommodate each individual customer's needs. Our main product that separates us from other temporary building companies is our retractable structure systems. More than likely you would think the first thing we would need to know is a size idea, or a surface possibly for your structure. However that is not the case. To get you to the right solution for your project we first need to know what you are going to be using this warehouse or structure for. And this is why... (more...)

  • october-blog

    Tracking Options

    After the initial first steps we discussed in our last blog, you should start considering what tracking options would best suit your application. Our unique line of retractable structures offers versatility, strength, and a vast ocean of options other companies are unable to accommodate. These structures can be used for many different applications, in any industry from agriculture, to pre-cast concrete, to aircraft hangars, and even simply just extra space for either indoor or outdoor warehouses. (more...)

  • november-blog

    Our Six step Installation Process

    Advanced Custom Engineered Structures have very few components, so once they're manufactured and shipped to the installation site, depending on the size it can take only a matter of days to weeks to erect one. Our construction teams and installation supervisors have many years of experience in proper steel erection and fabric installation. After the steel sections and fabric cover fabrication is complete, a logistics team works on shipping all materials to the installation site and an installation means and methods is developed to make sure the structure is properly installed with as minimal time on site as possible. (more...)

  • december-blog

    Why Fabric Covered Buildings?

    A fabric covered building will give your business the flexibility and versatility that it needs. Our structures are an all-around great investment, and will give you advantages that traditional structures simply can't. (more...)

  • april-blog

    Why Frame-Supported Fabric Structures Outperform Sports Bubbles

    Air-supported fabric structures - also known as sports bubbles - are a tempting solution for indoor sports arenas. Sports bubbles have the advantages of fabric buildings, including natural light, rapid construction and a relatively lower cost. But in a head-to-head comparison with steel-framed fabric structures, sports bubbles fall flat. (more...)