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Videos - Advanced Custom Engineered Steel & Fabric Structures

Retractable Warehouse Video

A.C.E. Structures is the only company in the United States that offers high-end steel & fabric retractable warehouses designed by Kopron®.

Please feel free to watch a video of a Kopron® retractable warehouse in action. This is only one of many possible applications of this highly versatile product.

Industrial Doors & Logistic Solutions Video

In addition to steel & fabric structures, A.C.E. Structures also specializes in state-of-the-art logistic solutions and offers a wide range of industrial products specifically designed to streamline your warehousing operations, maximize your productivity and reduce your operating costs.

Whether you need a custom made warehouse, a complex network of steel & fabric structures interconnected with retractable tunnels, a large sport center, a special retractable hangar for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, or a deployable dock to shelter a boat, a loading bay, sophisticated industrial doorway systems or energy efficient solar panels, call us toll free at (888) ACE-1913 or (888) 223-1913 and experience the functional elegance of our extensive line of Kopron® products.