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Double Insulated Warehouses - Storage Space with Regulated Temperature

A.C.E. Structures' double insulated fixed warehouse model is specifically designed to keep indoor temperatures stable and prevent heat or cold from escaping. Unlike our steel and fabric warehouse models that are made of rip resistant pvc, the double insulated model consists of isothermal foam panels layered between two sheets of lightweight metal. Insulated panels not only improve energy efficiency and lower operating costs but also create a thicker barrier that provides enhanced protection and security.

The double insualated warehouse model has several unique features that give it a distinct edge over traditional brick & mortar structures including:

  • insulated panels of varying thickness
    KopronĀ® isothermal panels are available in varying foam thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to over 5 inches (40mm - 120mm)
  • fully customized storage capacity
    double insulated warehouses are modular and can be customized to meet your specific size requirements.
  • strength, durability & safety
    both the frame and the isothermal panels are extremely robust. They are built to meet the following minimum requirements:
    • wind resistance:
      100 mph (44 meters per second)
    • snow load:
      30 lbs. per square foot
    • frame:
      galvanized steel

      *can be customized to withstand greater wind speeds & snow loads
  • complete mobility
    can be dismantled, transported to a new location & reassembled as a free standing unit or as an extension to a building.
  • maximum efficiency
    these structures are cheaper to manufacture, quicker to install & easier to maintain than fixed brick & mortar structures.
  • elegant styles & color schemes
    insulated warehouses are available in a range of colors and are crafted with elegant lines that reflect the manufacturer's genuine commitment to designing high-end industrial structures that have a sleek polished exterior.