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Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Retractable Steel & Fabric Mega Structure - NY USA Steel & Fabric Mega Mega Structure - NY USA

Mega Structures - Massive Advanced Custom Engineered Steel & Fabric Structures

When it comes to industrial structures one size simply does not fit all. That is why A.C.E. Structures provides fixed and retractable structures as well as arched structures designed by Kopron ®that are fully modular and can be joined side by side or end to end to cover extremely large surface areas. For instance, in Poland, several retractable warehouses designed by Kopron® were used to construct a truly massive and versatile fertilizer plant capable of folding from both ends as well as from its center point. This huge facility is 30 feet high, 80 feet wide and 160 feet long. It covers an impressive 12,800 square feet of available floor space for processing fertilizer.

A.C.E. Structures can also build extremely large individual structures to accommodate oversized objects such as silos, large vessels, process tanks etc. For instance, Mercedes Benz uses two huge custom tailored Kopron® warehouses for its automobile manufacturing plant in Brazil measuring each 66 feet wide, 585 feet long, and covering 35,610 square feet of usable floor space.

No matter how vast your site is or how unusual the terrain, A.C.E. Structures can configure logistic solutions that make the most efficient use of available space at the lowest operating cost. We can even customize structures to fit extremely long narrow spaces or mold them to fit in areas with an irregular shape.

They are also extremely durable and are built to withstand minimum wind speeds of 100 mph (44 meters per second) and support heavy snow loads of 30 lbs per square foot. Naturally, structures can be reinforced to resist even greater wind speeds and support heavier snow loads upon request. The rip resistant pvc fabric used for covering structures can resist 100,000 folds and is made of double woven material that is mold & mildew proof as well as class 2 fire retardant.

A.C.E. Structures' versatile steel and fabric structures are ideal for large scale projects because they are much cheaper to build, quicker to install and easier to maintain than traditional brick and mortar buildings.

Kopron® is so confident in the superior quality and durability of its structures that it offers a 100% warranty on frames for 10 years starting from date of purchase and a warranty of up to 6 years on the pvc fabric.

For large scale warehousing solutions with unique features custom built to your specifications, contact one of our logistic specialists toll free today at steel & fabric structures with unique features built to your specifications, contact our logistic specialists toll free today at (888) ACE-1913 or (888) 223-1913 and experience the difference that contacting A.C.E. Structures can make in streamlining your warehousing operations and maximizing your productivity.