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Steel & Fabric Ports and Dry Docks - NY USA Steel & Fabric Ports and Dry Docks - NY USA Steel & Fabric Ports and Dry Docks - NY USA Steel & Fabric Ports and Dry Docks - NY USA Steel & Fabric Ports and Dry Docks - NY USA

Retractable Dry Docks & Berths - Perfect Shelter for Boat Repair & Maintenance

A.C.E. Structures' retractable dry docks & berths are perfect for coastal regions where weather conditions typically change quickly and frequently. Because these structures can be folded & deployed rapidly, they provide all the flexibility needed to scrub, paint, repair and maintain boats outdoors when weather conditions are favorable, while providing a rapid means of sheltering vessels when a storm is approaching.

A.C.E. Structures' advanced custom engineered dry docks & berths have unique features that give them a distinct edge over traditional brick & mortar docks including:

    high degree of retractability
    up to 72% of deployed length (automatic or manual operation)
  • customized width, length & size
    fully modular and able to accommodate both small and large vessels.
  • strength, durability & safety
    our docks & berths meet the following minimum specifications:
    • wind resistance:
      100 mph (44 meters per second)
    • snow load:
      30 lbs. per square foot
    • frame:
      galvanized steel
    • fabric:
      26 oz rip resistant polyvinyl chloride
      class 2 fire retardant
      mold & mildew proof
      resistant to 100,000 folds

      *can be customized to withstand greater wind speeds & snow loads
  • protection & accessibility
    the front & back can be closed to protect from the elements or left open for easy access from all sides.
  • complete mobility
    can be dismantled, transported to a new location and reassembled.
  • maximum efficiency
    cheaper to manufacture, quicker to install and easier to maintain.
  • elegant styles & color schemes
    available in a range of colors & crafted with lines that reflect the manufacturer's commitment to designing high-end industrial structures with a sleek polished exterior.