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Solar Panels - Clean, Renewable & Energy Efficient Logistic Solutions

A.C.E. Structures' state-of-the-art photovoltaic solar panels provide an unlimited, renewable and environmentally friendly source of clean energy that can be harvested all year round. These panels can be installed on the roof of traditional brick and mortar buildings, or mounted on top of A.C.E. Structures' fixed steel and fabric structures to supply clean energy to the national grid in exchange for credits.

Our solar panels and photovoltaic cells are so efficient they can not only generate sufficient energy credits to partially cover the cost of supplying electricity to operate your facility, but over the long run they may even produce surplus energy that can generate an additional stream of revenue for your business.

A.C.E. Structures' solar panels have unique features that are ideal for helping maximize energy efficiency including:

  • high energy output
    solar panels and phtotovoltaic cells can generate up to 1 Kilowatt per square meter at peak performance.
  • custom dimensions
    solar panels are fully modular and can be customized to suit your specific size requirements.
  • strength & durability
    our solar panels are so robust they are built to withstand hail
  • extended warranty
    KopronĀ® offers an extended 1 year warranty on its solar panels
  • low maintenance
    solar panels require very little or no maintenance

To order solar panels with unique features built to your specifications, contact one of our logistic specialists toll free today at (888) ACE-1913 or (888) 223-1913 and experience the difference that contacting A.C.E. Structures can make in improving your energy efficiency.