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Industrial Warehouses - A Wide Selection of Custom Engineered Warehousing Solutions

A.C.E. Structures' industrial warehouses are specially designed to streamline the process of transporting, loading, unloading and storing goods. Whether you need a fixed or retractable warehouse, a complex network of interconnected storage spaces, state-of-the-art loading bays or special lifting platforms, we offer cost-effective solutions tailored to meet your specific warehousing operations.

Our custom engineered warehouses are available in a range of models including:

These elegant industrial warehouses are not just functional, but are also high-end structures with a polished exterior and graceful lines that are hallmarks of the manufacturer's genuine commitment to excellence. They are available in a range of colors and can be fully customized to match your specific requirements or combined with other units to suit your special warehousing needs.

Our steel and fabric warehouses are truly versatile. They offer all the advantages of traditional brick and mortar structures without any of the disadvantages. They are less expensive to build, faster to install, easier to maintain and, unlike traditional buildings, they can be taken apart, transported to a new location and quickly reassembled if need be.

They are also extremely robust and are build to withstand minimum wind speeds of 100 mph (44 meters per second) and support heavy snow loads of 20 lbs. per square foot. Naturally, structures can be reinforced to resists even greater wind speeds and support heavier snow loads upon request. The rip resistant pvc fabric used for covering structures can resist 100,000 folds at the same spot and is made of double woven material that is mold and mildew proof as well as class 2 fire retardant.

KopronĀ® is so confident in the superior quality and durability of its warehouses that it offers a 100% warranty on frames for 10 years starting from date of purchase and a warranty of up to 6 years on the pvc fabric.

To order advanced custom engineered steel & fabric warehouses with unique features built to your specifications, contact one of our logistic specialists toll free today at (888) ACE-1913 or (888) 223-1913 and experience the difference that contacting A.C.E. Structures can make in streamlining your warehousing operations and maximizing your productivity.